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Affiliate Plans - Plan#2 Promote Cloncom Within your website

You already have a website or blog? THIS PLACE IS FOR YOU!

Marketing Tools

1 | Compare and choose the promotional tools available:

-Search and rate boxes
-Text links
-Referral tools

2 | Copy & paste on your website the HTML code of the promotional tool chosen.


3 | That's it! Now your website is ready to promote Cloncom!

If you want to, you may modify the HTML code as you wish!

All HTML codes contain your affiliate ID so that we can identify every purchase made from your website and you can get your commission from that.

And there's more!
Looking to promote us on special times of the year? Holiday banners available for: Christmas, Valentine's Day, New Year, Independance day, Halloween and more!
Need personalized banners? Please contact us to request new banner designs for free!
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