Private Label

The right solution: "We build your brand, not ours..." has a unique platform which allows your worldwide customers to buy prepaid calling cards online under your existing brand. Becoming Private Label Partner is fast, easy and free, providing you the possibility to earn a considerable monthly cash flow.

This is a real turnkey solution for small, mid and enterprise-scale businesses willing to explore the online market.

Your company will be able to offer hundreds of different calling cards from over the world, and always with the lowest rates and best call quality. This is a win-win business venture aimed at any company who wants an accelerated entry into the online prepaid telecommunications industry.


  • will provide you with a free Private Label website with your business own "Look & Feel". Thanks to our flexible platform you will be able to start using this new site in no time.
  • will handle all operational aspects of the business, including billing process optimization system preventions and updates, card selection and maintenance and running a professional 24/7 Contact Support Center.
  • You will earn lifelong commissions from all your customer’s purchases. With Your Customer For Life, every new customer translates into a revenue stream.
  • Your Account Administration Panel will allow you to view complete reports about your performance, commissions and sales in real-time.

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