IDT Asia Talk

IDT Asia Talk

Receive PIN via email

When calling from Hong Kong, Singapore or South Korea you can dial *5 after entering the PIN. This way the phone number will be registered and the PIN will not have to be entered in the future


This calling card is not recommended to call Toll Free numbers. 

IDT Asia Talk details

Recharge Option:
Pinless Dialing:
1 min
Connection Fee:
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Maintenance Fee:
90 days after initial use
Payphone Surcharge:
Recommended for:
Many calls
Technical Support:
Check access number list
IDT Asia Talk  card rates to call from USA to Brazil with Toll-Free access
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 Destination Rate/Minute Connection Fee
Brazil 31.9 ¢ 0 ¢ minutes
Brazil - Sao Paulo 26.6 ¢ 0 ¢ minutes
Brazil - Rio de Janeiro 27.2 ¢ 0 ¢ minutes
Brazil - Belo Horizonte 28.1 ¢ 0 ¢ minutes
Brazil - Mobile 55.5 ¢ 0 ¢ minutes