IDT SouthCall

IDT SouthCall

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Prompts in Spanish and Portuguese only.

If you place a recharge before the card expires, you will renew the expiration date period that you had when the card was purchased.

This calling card is not recommended to call Toll Free numbers. 

Colombia Toll Free Access not Working.


IDT SouthCall details

Recharge Option:
Pinless Dialing:
Argentina, Colombia, Peru
1 min
Connection Fee:
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Maintenance Fee:
180 days after initial use
Payphone Surcharge:
Technical Support:
Access number + *0
IDT SouthCall  card rates to call from USA to Ireland with Toll-Free access
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 Destination Rate/Minute Connection Fee
Ireland 19 ¢ 0 ¢ minutes
Ireland - Mobile 29 ¢ 0 ¢ minutes