IDT Super Quick

IDT Super Quick

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An extra 1.7 ¢ per minute charge will apply when calling from Hawaii and US Virgin Islands, and calls from Alaska, which will incur an additional 15¢ per minute charge.

This calling card is not recommended to call Toll Free numbers. 

IDT Super Quick details

Recharge Option:
Pinless Dialing:
1 min
Connection Fee:
View rate chart
Maintenance Fee:
12 months after initial use
Payphone Surcharge:
90 ¢
Recommended for:
General calls
Technical Support:

Dialing Instructions for your IDT Super Quick card

    1. Dial the access number 
    2. Enter your PIN 
    3. Dial the number you wish to call
    • For international calls dial: 011 + Country Code + Area Code + Number
    • To retest call dial ### 

    Pinless Dialing Feature: 
    1. Press * 5 to assign the number you are calling from to the pin #. 
    2. Press * 7 to CHECK if you entered your PIN number correctly. 
    3. Press * 9 to deactivate the no-PIN dialing feature. 
    4. Press * 4 to hear a listing of complete instructions.