La Limpia

La Limpia

Receive PIN via email

If you are calling from a MOBILE with free nationwide long distance use the local access number 956-857-3206 (only USA) for extra minutes! 

This calling card can be used as Pinless. This means you can use the card without having to dial the PIN on every call. To activate the telephone number from where you call, follow the instructions below:

After hearing your balance:

Dial * 0 (zero asterisk) to activate

Dial * 1 (Asterisk one) to disable  

This calling card is not recommended to call Toll Free numbers. 

La Limpia details

Recharge Option:
Pinless Dialing:
1 min
Connection Fee:
View rate chart
Maintenance Fee:
180 days after initial use
Payphone Surcharge:
$ 1.00
Recommended for:
Many calls
Technical Support:
1-877-522-8361 (USA)
01-800-248-3560 (Mexico)

Dialing Instructions for your La Limpia card

    1. Dial the access number 
    2. Enter your PIN 
    3. Dial the number you wish to call
    • For calls to USA, Canada & Caribbean dial: 1 + Area Code + Number
    • For international calls dial: 011 + Country Code + Area Code + Number